Modern Mirrors

Mirror D06019 150 x 120 cm

Mirror D06019 150 x 120 cm

2,479 Lei

Ex Tax: 2,479 Lei

Strong, modern lines and geometric columns make this mirror a stunning conceptual piece that would look right at home within any modern interiors. Eleven square columns of differing sizes and lengths make this decorative wall mirror into a three dimensional wall sculpture. More of a piece of art than a functional mirror for using as a looking glass, this pie..

Mirror D06020  ⌀120 cm

Mirror D06020 ⌀120 cm

1,895 Lei

Ex Tax: 1,895 Lei

This amazing piece is made up of interlocking triangles to make a multifaceted mirror that is sure to be a great conversation piece in any room. This is more of a conceptual mirror than a simple looking glass, and makes a wonderful piece of contemporary art for your home. The many angled pieces of this mirror will catch light and throw it all around your roo..

Mirror D06027 92 x 123 cm

Mirror D06027 92 x 123 cm

2,024 Lei

Ex Tax: 2,024 Lei

Dimensions : W92 x D17 x H123 cm ..

Mirror D08551 76 x 122 cm

Mirror D08551 76 x 122 cm

1,803 Lei

Ex Tax: 1,803 Lei

Dimensions: W76 x D3 x H122 cm..

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